Pre-order "Shulamith," the brand new album from Polica, coming October 22nd. All physical orders will arrive on or around October 22nd.

As a heads up to Minneapolis-residents, we are currently working with Electric Fetus on an extra special pre-order of the record, more details for which will be revealed over the coming days.

All physical orders are accompanied by a digital download of the album, delivered to your inbox on day of release, and instant download of the new Polica song "Chain My Name."

DIGITAL   $9.99
CD + DIGITAL   $12.99
2xLP + DIGITAL   $19.99

Order Shulamith with a limited-edition 24x24 lithograph commissioned by the band from Minneapolis-based artist Michael Gaughan. Each lithograph is signed by the bandmembers themselves.


Order Shulamith with an exclusive 32-page, 12x9 Shualmith book comprised of lyrics, handwritten notes from the band, and candid glimpses into the world of Polica shot by ferquent visual collaborator, Cameron Wittig. The first 100 copies will be personalized by the band. Click "Look Inside" on the image to preview the book.

CD + BOOK + DIGITAL   $29.99
2xLP + BOOK + DIGITAL   $39.99

Order Shulamith with both Michael Gaughan's limited-edition lithograph, and the exclusive Shulamith book.

CD + BOOK + LITHO + DIGITAL   $39.99
2xLP + BOOK + LITHO + DIGITAL   $49.99
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